The Poudre Runs Through It

Understanding Why Flows Near Fort Collins Can Fluctuate Widely

In May of 2017, a subset of the Poudre Runs Through It (PRTI) group decided to launch an "initiative" to explore large, abrupt, short-lived ("transient") flow fluctuations on the Cache la Poudre River near Fort Collins. Through a series of physical, telephone, or email meetings interspersed with notes and progress reports, supported by an aggregation of the existing 15-minute streamflow and diversion data by Northern Water, this group made some progress in identifying likely causes, identifying potential biological or physical impacts, and reporting results back to the PRTI group, which was the charge.
There was no call to take any concrete actions with the results. This "initiative" was concluded—at least for now—with a poster made available at the 2018 Poudre River Forum.

This webpage is a repository for the materials used and analysis generated in support of this transient flow effort. To that end, reference the following files: