The Poudre Runs Through It

Poudre World Cafe

What’s a World Café you ask? It is a type of forum that facilitates an open and creative conversation on a topic of mutual interest for sharing ideas and gaining a deeper understanding of the subject and issues involved. You’ll find more information on the process at the World Cafe Website.

The Poudre Runs Through It assisted Colorado State University’s Center for Collaborative Conservation in one such café in 2014, resulting in in-depth conversations exploring feasible and collaborative ideas about sustaining the health and productivity of the Poudre River. The objectives explicitly included:

  • To integrate diverse stakeholder visions and perspectives on sustaining the ecological health of the Poudre River while recognizing its role as a working river for agriculture and cities.
  • To discuss ways for bridging and efficiently communicating about multiple stakeholder visions concerning the Poudre River in conjunction with, an opportunity for members of the Poudre’s communities to dialogue about their values in relation to the Poudre.