PRTI Work Group

PRTI Work Group

Poudre River Forum

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6th Annual Poudre River Forum

Friday, February 1, 2019

Animated History of the Poudre River

The Poudre River; Our River Basin Community

How did the Poudre River Basin Community Get Where it is today.

Check out this short animated history of the Cache La Poudre River.

"Let's make the Poudre River the world's best example of a healthy, working river."

That's our vision. We are a diverse group of regional leaders and experts brought together and facilitated by CSU's Colorado Water Institute. Collectively, our members reflect the same diversity of values held by those who live in the communities along the Cache la Poudre River. Some of us value the river mainly as a working river--for agricultural, municipal and industrial needs. Others value its rich recreation opportunities and ecological attributes. But we all want a river that meets our human needs AND is a healthy river in its own right.

At our regular meetings, we share our experiences and knowledge about the Poudre's uses to meet our human needs for food, beer, bathing and landscapes, and also the river's ecological needs. And we use what we learn to identify opportunities for cooperative action. At the end of our first year together, we brainstormed a number of action initiatives to help meet our healthy river/working river goals.

You can learn more about these initiatives under the "Other Action Initiatives" tab above.

Our original name was the Poudre Runs Through It Study / Action Work Group, but that was a mouthful. Now most of us just say the Poudre Runs Through It, or PRTI for short. Most of us are pictured above in the PRTI Work Group Slide, taken May, 2017.