About the 2014 Forum

The Poudre River is the life-blood for Northern Colorado communities. Bringing those communities together to celebrate the river, learn more about it, and explore its opportunities and challenges is the focus of the first annual Poudre River Forum, Saturday, February 8, at The Ranch Events Complex.

The theme of the forum is The Poudre: Working River/Healthy River. Over the past year, agricultural, municipal, business, recreational, and environmental stakeholders have been meeting to teach one another about their different perspectives on the Poudre. The group's mantra is "Let's Make the Poudre River the World's Best Example of a Healthy Working River." In the spirit of that mantra, the group resolved to bring the Poudre's communities together to learn more about the river and to celebrate it.

Understanding the water rights of agricultural and municipal diverters, learning about where the water in the Poudre comes from and what it does for us, and digging into details about ecological factors such as flow, temperature, fish and sedimentation, are all a part of getting the wide angle view of the Poudre. The group believes that only by traveling all those waters - the working aspect as well as the health aspect - will citizens have the background to form sound decisions about the Poudre's future.

The Poudre River Forum featured presentations and dialogue. State Supreme Court Justice Greg Hobbs spoke about how the Poudre itself was the site of early conflict and cooperation leading to the development of the doctrine of prior appropriation in the west, and how the law has evolved in recent years to make it easier for us to consider together both water rights and ecological needs.

The Poudre River Forum took place at the North Hall of the First National Bank Building at The Ranch Events Complex (5280 Arena Circle, Loveland) on Saturday, February 8, from 10am to 4:30pm, followed by a celebration of the river until 6pm. Generous sponsors, including Odell Brewing Company, provided beer and jazz by the Poudre River Irregulars.

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For more information, contact Beth Plombon, or MaryLou Smith

Sponsored by The Poudre Runs Through It Study/Action Work Group
Facilitated by Colorado Water Institute at Colorado State University


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