About the 2015 Forum

The Poudre River is life-blood for Northern Colorado communities. All of us have a stake in it, whether we irrigate crops or lawns from it, drink it from our taps, raft or fish in it, or work to improve its health. The Poudre River Forum is our chance to come together once a year to discuss our challenges, bridge our differences, and coordinate our efforts.

This year's theme is One River, Many Voices

Building on the foundation laid at the first annual Poudre River Forum, this year's program digs deeper into the difficult issues, including:

Sponsored by The Poudre Runs Through It Study/Action Work Group

The group is in its third year, bringing together for dialogue and action a diverse group of leaders with agricultural, urban, environmental, recreation, and business interests. Sharing their knowledge and experience, the group has identified and is working on cooperative action to meet multiple goals pertinent to its working river, healthy river theme. Our mantra is "Let's Make the Poudre River the World's Best Example of a Working River that's also Healthy." Explore the "Work Group" tab above to learn more about the Study/Action Work Group.

Facilitated by Colorado Water Institute at Colorado State University.
For more information, contact MaryLou.Smith@colostate.edu or jaymerrillbiz@gmail.com


If We're Going to Grow, How Can We Grow in a Water Smart Way?

Keynote Address

Perspective Poudre Projects: Pursuing Permits

The Urban River: What Are We Doing to Embrace the Poudre as it Flows through Our Communities?

Presenter and Panelist Biographies

Videos Presented at the Forum

Video Recordings of the Forum


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