You're Invited to Attend the Sixth Annual Poudre River Forum

Friday February 1, 2019
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Drake Centre
802 West Drake Road | Fort Collins, CO


Full Admission - $60
Discounted Admission - $30
Scholarships Available

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Is it possible for a working river to be a healthy river? This years Poudre River Forum will give us a chance to puzzle through that question. The Poudre Runs Through It Study/Action Work Group (PRTI) was formed in 2012 to bring together those who are most concerned about the Poudre as a working river—delivering urban and agricultural economic benefits—and those concerned about the river's health. Building relationships and finding common ground for action has led to this annual Poudre River Forum.

Register now to join us! Registration includes the full day's program, as well as breakfast, lunch, and a closing beer/soft drinks celebration with opportunities get to know other Poudre River enthusiasts.

Featuring Keynote Speaker, Ed Barbier
Author of Water Paradox and CSU Professor of Economics
Barbier's book, to be released by Yale University Press in February 2019, is touted as
"a radical new approach to tackling the growing threat of water scarcity."


    Water Rights: Answers to frequently asked questions like: What gives Thornton rights to take Poudre water south? What kind of water right does Northern Water have for filling Glade Reservoir if NISP is approved? How are water rights expanded to benefit habitat and recreation? Does the new whitewater park in downtown Ft. Collins have any impact on agricultural water rights? How are Poudre water rights administered? Does having water rights include responsibility for water quality?

    Thinking Outside the (Puzzle) Box: What are the looming challenges for the Poudre and are there any new approaches we might take to tackle them?

    Water Sharing: Experiments underway that apply creativity and collaboration toward working/healthy river balance.

    And more!


We invite you to be a sponsor of the sixth annual Poudre River Forum!

We expect 300-350 registrants this year. Your sponsor dollars underwrite the Poudre River Forum and related PRTI educational initiatives. Sponsorship gives you exposure to the wide range of those interested in the Poudre River. Your sponsor dollars give us the means to keep registration cost reasonable, and to provide scholarships for students and others who otherwise could not afford to participate.

Sponsorships range from $250 to $2500. More information is available here.

All sponsors contributing $250 or more will be recognized with their logo:

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PRTI is seeking nominations for its annual award to recognize achievements toward its goal of making the Cache la Poudre River a premier example of a healthy working river. We wish to recognize individuals or organizations, including businesses and public agencies, who have contributed substantially to furthering our goal.

Our definition of a healthy working river is one that supplies the goods and services demanded by our complex society, within the existing and evolving water rights system and honoring existing property rights, while maintaining and improving ecological integrity and resilience.


  • Many contributions can further the goal of a healthy working river, including—but not limited to—collaboration; production of scientific or technical information; fundraising; engineering excellence; public outreach or interpretation; or monitoring. These contributions may be judged on their degree of effectiveness, innovation, creativity, novelty, problem solving ability, ease of duplication by others, and/or leadership. Nominees need not live or work in the Poudre Basin, but the tangible results of their efforts must be evident within the basin and have a direct nexus to our goal for the Poudre River.


  • Nominations are solicited in conjunction with publicity of the upcoming Poudre River Forum, can be made by anyone, and are due by Wednesday, December 12, 2018. The Poudre River Forum Subcommittee will make an initial selection of the top three nominations, which will then be forwarded to the PRTI membership for final selection. Any individuals directly associated with any nomination will recuse themselves from the selection process.


  • The award will be presented as part of the Sixth Annual Poudre River Forum on Friday, February 1, 2019. The winner will be selected prior to the forum and invited to share a short "acceptance speech". PRTI will also distribute a press release to local newspapers and social/radio media.


  • Please submit your nomination to the email shown below, including:
    • A letter stating why the person or entity you are nominating is worthy of the nomination (no more than one single-sided page)
    • No more than three additional letters that support your nomination
    • Please email your nominations by WEDNESDAY, DEC 12, 2018 to

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE AWARD? Contact the Nomination Committee Chair, Robert Ward, at